now thats what I call karma....

now we all have had problems with people bein nice on runescape, wouldn’t you love to see that guy that scammed you out of 20k get his ass kicked by something? or that guy that keeps callin u a noob to get attacked by a golem? I suggest we have what I like to call a “karma guage” on runescape, like if you keep callin someone a noob, then your karma guage goes down and ur bad random event chances go up, or if you go up to someone and just hand them 5k your karma guage goes up, or if you kill someone who is 20 levels lower than you your karma goes down, but if you manage to kill someone of higher level your guage goes up. All those little things that happen, if you have a very low karma guage you get very bad random events, but if you have a high one, you get good random events, get it? its kindof a stretch but if you think about it it would lead to people on runescape being alot more hospitable and nice towards eachother. please don’t flame me for bein so idealistic and naive

Probably not, because then people like zezima’s “karma” will go way down because everyone is begging from people like him who are rich and have many valuable items.

good idea… I like it. I hate being called a noob

i donno… but then ppl would stop calling ppl noobs. and ppl will act more nice on rs…

It would be tooo nice in RS,lolz, Maybe if it was less affective or something.

Some people deserve to be called noobs. The people who beg, scam, etc…

well the people who scam will have a really low karma rating and will get a really bad random event, or like when ur in battle you’ll get hit harder/more often. and who said everyone would care about the karma thing? I guarantee you that there would still be assholes because they’d think that the profits outweigh the bad things that happen. And the scamming thing works cuz it will be when ur reported for item scamming your karma goes down.

i think peeps who havebeen eported should get like a message above their head that they can’t c saying wat they r or do so peeps stay clear. then it would reduce it and they would have the rite to call themthe name

but then you’d have bitter people who got pked by someone, reportin them for item scammin so that they’d not be able to buy food from people.