now.. where to train?

Att- 11
Str- 20
Hp- 16
Prayer- 31

Where, oh where shall I train? (cows are too easy for me, now)

train att skill at greater demons in lvl 46 of widly… lol jk maybe you should try goblins or barbarians

you should fight scorpions =-)

fight hill giants…

you guys make me laugh. (hahahaha) i would say barbarians or lvl 5 goblins. or you could just go **** yourself!

omg its just a pure not main…geez

fight the desert guard things in the desert casle about 150xp and only 19 health (f2p rock craps) only con is no go drops

i never said it wasnt a pure…i never made fun of him

-.- thanks, guys. and jim, uh huh. real nice =P

are rock craps f2p?!?!

I reccomend monks, they’re easy xp and if you get hurt a bit you can ask them to heal and you don’t need any food.

No they aint nooblet7