Nuclear Power

Do you consider Nuclear Power to be good, or is it too harmful? Let’s hear some thoughts.

i dont know much all i know is i think it’s too harmful.

It can be harmful when it isn’t monitored, but it’s helpful when the people running the plant knows what to do and keep the harmful elements out of the stuff that we use daily…

i think it’s more harmful than helpful… i dont’ really know…

it is harmfull but they still use it

is it more harmful then helpful? is the damage theyre doing repairable?

if not, then why do they use it?

Advantages are: good source of energy, pretty easy. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:
Disadvantages: the WASTE!, costs some dough :cry: :evil:

like smash-good source or energy, but causes a lot of waste 8)

wanna tell me how much waste it gives off?

Heck with the wast, how about an environmental disaster?

I say stuff nuclear power! Get solar panels and spend the money on more hospital beds.

Good idea. And in response to Geminiman, I think the guys who run them aren’t doin so hot either. After all, they still left Three Mile Island open after what happened there. I mean, what the heck?! And let’s not even get started on Hanford…

Oh, sorry, I doubt anyone knows what I’m raving about. Sorry, I just feel strongly about this.

Its a good thing we don’t have people like homer simpson in charge of them though.

Like I said, unless the nuclear reactor runners don’t know what they’re doing, it’s more helpful than harmful… Yeah, the waste can also be a problem… I mean, since people scientifically know how to store the waste, it’s all good but now that there have been accidents, people have assumed that it’s not helpful since so many reactor runners have been screwing up… I don’t get why they don’t just blast the waste into the sun or something…

Too expensive. But, hey, it’s costing us a couple hundred thousand a year already…

You can’t just blast nuclear waste considering itss NUCLEAR and BLASTING it into space would proberly create a massive explosion or something. If it didn’t, it would destroy even more of the o zone layer.

He meant fire it in a rocket at the sun.

:lol: too expensive!!!

Yeah… Plus, if the nuclear waste is costing us a couple of hundred thousand a year, why not just end it by paying just a bit more and then ending the yearly charge… I mean I’d rather pay just a bit more to end a yearly charge of something that’s just a tad bit less… Sorry if that didn’t make sense… Plus I don’t think the sun wil mutate or anything if it gets hit by a puny speck of nuclear waste comparing it to the sheer size of the sun…

Ah… nvm, some scientist will come up with a machine that will turn nuclear waste into dust or something.