numenor32 bank please rate

please rate the pic

whats that thing next to the 196k?
not the rune pl8 but that thingy :?

7/10 i like the drag med hally and other stuff

YEah what is that im not a member :? :? :?

thats dam good compared to mine, my bank is full of rabble…lol.

that thing is called a sextant it used to find locations for clue scrolls.
I rate bank and 6/10 beacause you have the 2 god books and the drag med helm plus the hally

lmao, its a sextant, its to find your current location (co-ordinates) when your on clues so you can find the right co-ordinates :slight_smile:

p.s, you bank isnt to bad :wink:

Looks at it with amazement

wow!i rate 10/10 A+++++

8/10 cause the only good thing is the d med.



8/10, and didn’t you get 3 of those rune pickaxes on a treasure trail ealier?

You don’t even show us the whole bank!! :x i’d say 8/10