O. D. R. Logging and Milling

O.D.R. Was founded by two long term friends, Owl And Attichuk. With the goal to monopolize the Markets with the most supplies most employee’s and most benifits they seek out all from the slack to the dedicated, from the ignorant to the wise, from the young to the elderly and from the english to the latin ( as long as they speak english, spanish, french, or japanese =P ), We hire all and pay well we supply those who want to be supllied and this bio kinda sucks so ill stop now…

Anyways: We hire anyone, as long as they respect the ODR.

ODR represents the 3 within the company with power:
O = Owl. Founder and stock holder for sales and pay giver to employees
D = Attichuk, aka Dharandragon, Co-Founder and head smith
R = Reiken, Public relations for when one of the top two arent present

Dynamic pay:
Employees get paid 50% of charged price for under 60% of an order, the casual loggers benifit most from this, after that every 10% more you get paid 5% more of overall price and if you get full order processed you get the whole 80% of sale money

note on unlimited buys the percent is fixed at 66% rounded to the lowest fifth IE Unlimited logs for 60 each will be rouded to 40gp each

Benifits are awarded to all loggers at set increments if they choose the static pay

Static Pay:
Constant 50% pay however rewards are given at:

ect every 5k

the rewards depends on the logs, lower on list smaller rewards

The List:
Reg Bones
Oak Logs
Willow Logs
Cow Hides
Big Bones
Regular logs <-- example further down for idea
Maple Logs
Yew Logs
Dragon Bones
Magic Logs
Any Dragon Hide

Regular Reward Example:

200 - Mith Hatchet
500 - Mith Wep of Choice
1000 - Trade in for addy hatchet
3000 - trade in for rune hatchet

5000 - Rune Weapon of choice ( axe, 2h, long x2, dagger x2, or schimy )
10000 - 200 - 2k choice runes or 125k
15000 - Full rune armor w/ Kite or 200k
20000 - Full Splitbark or Mage or 275k

Below the ~~~~~~~ is the one time, you can get per say 20k reg and get 2 10k rewards but its like a point system more or less, you get points, then you spend them, can get 8 rune daggers for 20k logs, donno why but you can =P

So if you wanna be hired send me a private message and ill add a shortened version of your name to my employee list and ill add you to my personal database as to what goals you have within our company, happy hunting!


Regular logs 2130
Oak Logs 182
Willow Logs 120
Maple Logs 447
Yew Logs 649
Magic Logs

Reg Bones
Big Bones
Dragon Bones 4

Cow Hides 168
Leather 2
Hard Leather 3
Green Dragon Hide 9
Blue Dragon Hide
Red Dragon Hide
Black Dragon Hide

Saphire 12
Emerald 7
Ruby 2
Diamond 1

Feathers 700

Iron 459
Silver 70
Coal 5
Gold 9
Rune 1

Updated March 20th 2005
7:41am EST (-5:00 GMT)

i am not sure what the details are, but i want to be a client

i need enormous amounts of

regular logs,
magic logs,


Mr. Jb 1108.6

Mr. Joe 570

Mr. Link 157

Mr. Zeke 373

Mr. Lute 265

nope. sorry. it doesn’t give me the option to delete it.

why not just put all the information in one post?

hey i need 401 willows and 1k oaks.
that comes to be 18k, by market prices.
012795 is my user im a member can meet u in ardy, lumby, varrok, fally, or camelot. or gnome tree. respond plz

as always… yews, regulars, bowstring, flax. ALL YOU CAN GET!

sorry i was gone for a bit agian, but im back i updated the stock list with my personal supplies and will contact my employees later to get what they have

i’ll buy yews at 250 each and normal logs at 50 each if you will sell, bow strings as well if you can get them, tyvm

i will buy all cow hides and bones. add my new account mate, it is: i am godof69

There is no space in beetween “godof69” thanks!

added a wanna-be company info and hiring practices and employee benifits

u should create a web page with the names of all the employers and the buyers. with the prices of what u sell

my contracts are bustom priced, all contracts get their logs, yet the higher paying get’s theirs faster if a limited contract or a larger percent of overall yews if an unlimited percent

IE: K buys yew at 250 each and ded buys yews at 250 each, i split it 50/50

K buys norm at 60-65 ea, Ded buys norm at 50 each, k gets 70%

Contract M is 200 maple at 100 each, his takes 2 days to complete
Contract W is 200 maple at 120 each, his is finished same day

pay = profit and time

gimme 100k norm logs at 65 each :slight_smile:

ill cut u willows and norms pm bonus`s plz i dont understand

lol keyser, sometimes i wonder which of us has less a life, 100k logs… what are you gonna do with them! (OO) allright, ill take the contract, but for my own sanity ill do it in 10k increments, cause remeber, i pay my loggers upfront then i gotta wait for enough till i can turn and sell em ( not to fun seeing you bank account go from 400k+ to < 120 gp in 3 hours ) and for sowhat, might be best to discuss it in forums, cause im sure others might have same questions, so ask semi specific questions and i can answer them for you ~ if i try to answer ~ i dont understand, my answer wont make any more sense lol

lol. Mine used to fluctuate from 2 mil to 2k every other day…some days it would go up and down about 5 times (that was when I was merchanting to get my millions…)

how about 5k increments then?

5k sounds great =D i wont go bankrupt! then agian since im one of few yew cutters yews = pure profit for me

we are talking NORM logs here, not YEWS

hey iill cut for u i will cut willows oak or reg not quite sure on rules talk to u about it later thanks

Also if i cut say 30k regs could i get 2 sets of rune?