obi cudnt beat him but a disease cud

darth vader died of… rabbies

well, that was…

i dont get it…it doesnt even show Darth Vader in the pic.

its from battle front it says rabbies killed darth vader

I still don’t get it…

neither do i…

whats that all about…

Battlefront the game?
Where does it say that in Battlefront?

I opened it, and I thought, wait, attachment, we can get viruses, and such like that.

I checked it and it was ok, it didn’t have any viruses just a dumb thing that says rabbies kill darth vader…

yea he made it in paint it doesnt contain Viruses…i just dont get it :stuck_out_tongue:

thats really pointless


maybe that’s why he isn’t awnsering anymore… cause it’s stupid!

Whats There To Not Understand Rabbies Killed Darth Vader And In Battle Front It Says It At The Bottem Right When You Kill Someone!

hmm thats pointless…

wtf is this

wow i think its boring!"