Obsidan eggs....?

i was wondering what goes on over there…and theres eggs…in the lava…

theres an examine too…in the chat box.

Tz-Tok-Jad babies, no doubt.

That means theres female ones lol they musta been getting busy O.o

lol down and dirty in the lava…

lol yea no doubt.

Yea egg in lava!
dirty no doubt too.

there was a thread about this a month ago about bird eggs having to do wif these…
check it out if its still here…rs fourms recent updates…or was it future…

theres a diffrent between birds and obsidan monsters smartie

wow not new babies !!

Those obby monsters were doin a lil somefin somefin :slight_smile:

i said the thread in rs fourms is ABOUT this thing

i said the thread in rs fourms is ABOUT this thing
theres a thread in s fourms ABOUT bird eggs HAVING TO DO with THESE EGGS IN LAVA

hooker side of the area, you needa be a real obsodian :wink: sadly no1 is :stuck_out_tongue: other than npcs but u cant play them :stuck_out_tongue:

is this rs fourms kakakakaka?
no it isent…

Song plays in the background boy you and me aint nuffin but mammals so lets do it like they do on the discovery channel


Uhm… This is getting a little immature.

u think everything is immature mcclarenf…nothing new…

No i don’t o.O I dont think pies immature! :drool: pieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Fine I’ll be “mature”

Those eggs are there because there was sexual activity between <insert scientific name of monsters>. This is part of nature. teeeheee i said thexual :slight_smile:

wtf ive never seen that…