Obsidian Luck!

After ranging and hallying obsidian people I got some luck! The weapon is more commonly known as obsidian maul.

Nice job? How much does it go for in market?

It’s going for 200k. If anyone wants to buy pm me.

ummm where do you stand to use a rune hally or something?

nice if i were p2p i would want 1

You stand where the weapon shop is. You run up and attack an enemy then run to either side of the box and he will not be able to attack you.

SWEET! I need to buy a rune hally and go there :).

Nice job, although I would have wanted the cape.

:[ I wanted the cape too, or the shield that works too :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome, i better get a hally and start killin’ em

Yeah, what are the bonuses on the obsidian maul anyway? I heard they were mad high.

well nice obsidian, but instead of showing us the name you could show us a picture of it, i mean some people like me doesn’t know how it looks like

obby mauls are nice, but slow so yeah sell and get 180-220k =) nice drop