Obsidian ranging

Well, I came across a new ranging spots for enemies that drop obsidian. It is quite useful. Have fun owning these like I am :]

ooo fun fun :slight_smile:

Whoa Piggeh! Thanks!

lmao…whoa piggeh!
lol ill be there later

Ok thanks for sharing that piece of information with us :smiley:

yea, ty :yes:

:] Glad all of you like the info. Hope to see you ranging there soon :]

lol i always wanted they new maul.

XD sabre is ranging with me. Hehe, good advice :yes:

wow, thanks for the tip, better get the ol’ hally out and beat some lava dudes

good idea to share the info with us, i’m not a member, but when i become i will use that spot :smiley: