~Of the Discovery of Magic~ (Runescape)

Note: This is my take of the time that led up the discovery of runes. It is a story of how magic was discovered before runes came along. The details may not fit exactly with the canon that Jagex has presented, but I would like to try. If it ever becomes a part of canon, it has to be tweaked. Credit for refining goes to someone very close to me. He is a designer and crafter of revolutionary ideas.

~Of the Discovery of Magic~

In the centuries before history was documented, long before the arrival of the gods to Glienor, man was plagued by simpler but still significant problems. Some could barely catch a fish for food. With a lack of a dependable food source, illness was abundant. Trying to recover from them consumed much of their resources. Shelters built during these times weren’t dependable especially against the forces of the weather. This was not to say that man didn’t have some defense.

Daily conflicts would include situations where danger was avoided by a narrow margin. An example of one situation is a rock thrown at someone who manages to redirect the rock by unknowingly tapping into an inner source of power. At the same token, the night before a hunt, a group of men would envision a successful hunt. As such their chances would be increased for a successful outing.

Animals and nature seemed to possess great power. Wolves could run faster than a human. Trees could produce food. Water breaking hard rock like the way a river carves out the land. So man tried imitating what he saw in the hopes of capturing some of that power for himself. As a whole they were pretty much unaware of their own power.

One technique, learned from experimentation, was to breathe deeply in order to relax and focus better on the task at hand. This would allow one to blend in with the surroundings to watch and observe a target. Doing this allowed observers to move closer to the animal. The ability to get close enough to observe was important. It meant getting food or learning how to imitate the animal’s strengths.

Watching the motions of rivers, man learned about flexibility. Water is powerful because it can break apart and change paths. So the human mind had to relax to do the same.

Mankind had started to understand that they had the ability to affect what’s around them. In those days no one really had enough understanding from which a discipline could form, to effectively control the environment. At least not until a child tried to figure out the ways of the world. His name was Juren and he came from a village, named Keante, located in the northern lands of Glienor.

This village was suffering from several problems. There was a lack of food due to bad harvests, improper cooking, and invaders coming to plunder resources. Illnesses rarely went treated because the inhabitants lacked knowledge dealing with health.

Juren’s mother had told him stories of great heroes that protected and helped the village. Inspired by these stories, he wanted do his part. He was intrigued by the process in which those who became so in tune with nature to successfully hunt. The boy felt the responsibility to try and learn these techniques so he could apply them in the same magnitude as the stories.

So unwillingly the mother parted with her son as he set off for his journey. It was going to be a hard journey as had to learn what he wanted by himself.

The boy wanted to find the best spot to make his home for the next couple of years. A waterfall, deep in the forest, seemed to be the best place. It was nice and peaceful. The water source was clean enough to meet his needs too. It was in this place that Juren learned to meditate and think over the secrets hidden in nature.

He spent a few years in deep meditation and imitated the movements around him. Juren led a rather peaceful life at this place. Here, he didn’t have to deal with much conflict.

The peace Juren experienced was interrupted the day a goblin attacked him. It wanted the young man’s belongings. The goblin showed little effort in toppling the young man and quickly brought him to the ground. As the goblin was about to land the killing blow, the boy raised his hands up to block. A mysterious force flowed through the boy’s hands and pushed the goblin back. The goblin was frightened by the sudden display of force and retreated quickly.

Juren wondered what had happened. He tried to figure out how he survived the attack. So he went into deep thought. In a state of focus, he saw a force flow from his hands to push the creature back. He continued to meditate and tried to recreate that force. As Juren focused his thoughts, the air around him began to swirl toward his body. It was as if by thinking about it, he could conjure a breeze.

After a few years of thought, he realized that his observations of nature led him to become more aware. His years of deep thought helped to develop the ability to concentrate on nearly every aspect of what he was trying to achieve.

The young man practiced on controlling the air around him. Starting with light concentration, he could produce small breezes. Once he learned to use the whole of his being to power the thought he produced howling, razor sharp winds.

He experimented to see what other things he could do. A butterfly approached and he wanted to see if he could call it to him. Not much happened with the first effort. He pictured the butterfly coming to him, but it did not respond. Repeated efforts proved useless. Finally, he got angry and focused every bit of himself to call it. He both envisioned the act and shouted a command. Deep inside, Juren could feel the vibrant connection between himself and the butterfly. The butterfly appeared to have sensed this too and landed on his hand.

From the experimentation, he became aware that he needed to truly believe the action for it to happen. So he figured out various techniques to focus by thinking, envisioning, verbally expressing and feeling it from his core.

Years passed and the young man grew into an adult. At this point, Juren had learned to better control his surroundings. He had developed procedures to get his mind to go blank enough to focus. Using these abilities, he could force a rock to roll a few feet or shape flames into the form of a wolf. He had discovered and worked out a primitive system for magic. Even though it was still not complete, he wanted to show the village his findings. The system could be used to help the crops grow and defend against attackers. Feeling confident, he set off for home.

Upon his return, his mother became overjoyed with the return of her son and welcomed him with open arms.

Juren sought to right the wrongs in his home. Figuring that he would better succeed in numbers, he had to teach as many of the other villagers what he learned. Only a selective few joined his cause. Overtime with the addition of the other villagers’ own ideas and developments, the discipline was refined. It evolved, having filtered out the inefficient techniques and left behind the base for present day magic. Seeing the success of this group, the other villagers joined in. Soon after, the village came to prosper from Juren’s enlightenment. Medicines were developed and food was abundant. Shelters were fortified adequately. As Juren grew old, he did not have to worry about his village being peril again.

Long after, the village was spared, thanks to the efforts of a group of people harnessing the power of nature taught from the teachings of one man. People from all over Glienor traveled to this village in the northern lands. They wanted to investigate rumors of this mysterious power known as magic.

Not my type of story unfortunatly.

Nevertheless well written and sounds great.

Not my type of story unfortunatly.

Nevertheless well written and sounds great.

yer same not my type of story but write anoter 1