offering jobs and also selling stuff

Offering job for miners mineritele !!
Buying following things:
coali 150 ea
iron 100 ea
mithril 200 ea
rune ess 25 ea
Not buying under 1k things
I also sell following things:
fire rune 15 ea ( ordering )
earth rune 12 ea ( ordering )
mind rune 10 ea ( ordering )
body runes 20 ea ( ordering )
air runes 15 ea ( ordering )
steel bars 580 ea
addy ore 800 ea ( ordering )
mithril bars 950 ea ( ordering )
gold bars 250 ea ( ordering )
silver bars 250 ea ( ordering ) [ not doing this right now becose i got an order]
yews 300 ea ( ordering )
willows 25 ea ( ordering)
logs 13.5 ea ( ordering ) [ not doing this right now becose i got an order]
Nb! im not selling runes and logs under 1k
Goming soon:arrows, potion and other stuff
If u are interested pm me in the game or tell me here!! My accounts name is ferari222!!!

Im hiring some woodcutters and silver miners!!! So pm me in the game or tell me in here if u are interested :slight_smile:

ill mine you iron 100 eac like it says up there rs name skellybelly8

ill mine alot of ess for u lik 2k 50,000gp of it i should hav it by tomorrow

ok accepting those offers but im still searching for orderings PS! im offering now members thing also
1.arrows up to mith
2.cannon balls 210ea ( ordering )

i am looking 4 job, look at insane987 (rs name) and tell what u want me to do

I’ll mine u a lot of iron and ess. Just pm me in RSR or rs and tell me when you want it and where we will meet and i will get started. My rs name is chaosdj987

i have 200 steel bars and can get u 3000 iron ore in less thin 3 days???

im not buying steel bars im selling them and how much ea u want from iron?

u sead 100 each so i gess i want 100 each

K but collect 1k ready and then we talk again ok?

i got 2500 right now buy could i get 105 each cause i do got a big load
rsname is; michael15041

ill woodcut for you!

I could cut willows for you, I have 42+ wood cutting.