~~**Official Fishing League Thread! Join today!**~~

This is the official Fishing League Thread! This clan is an all-around clan with the following requirements:
[li]Your fishing and combat needs to be 50+ to be a member of this clan. As more people sign up, the requirements will be tougher.
[/li][li]Members of this clan can be member or non member. But, members will get a better reputation and a better rank if you want to.
[/li][li]This clan is brand-new(sort-of) and needs your help for site deseign. If you have any suggetions,email me at stratawes@snail-mail.net
If you would like to sign up, visit fishingleague.proboards49.com
I need to plan trips asap, so please become a member to help me with this kind of stuff. I’m recruiting anyone, So sign up today!