Official RSR Drop Party Train Pics

Here are some pics of the train… I got 150k and a rune skirt from the drop party…

lmao …goood times. i see me in the first 3 pics with full blue and white dec w/ sara staff! :slight_smile: so happy. grats on getting those prizes from the drop. i didnt get squat but i did drop full rune also announcing that im quiting RS…:frowning:

Where Are You Guys?? U still doing train?

:frowning: Waa! I missed everything! (besides most of the drop partY)

nice pictures…me,pugh and a bunch of other people got ost from that train…lol…oo yeah i gave you that 150k right…congrats on guessin me nickname…chaosnoob almost got close to it…i think…or was it that other person…oo well…congrats again…

What was ur nickname anyways??!!

it was noto…i think you got close to it…or it could have been the oter guy guessin…

Meh i didnt come because i was busy pking.

I think i got close…cant remember i was just naming stuff off.

That was such a fun party…

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

hehe i see myself in the last 3 pics…i wish we didnt go to the wildy…even though u can see in the chat box i yelld “the wildy!”

Woah that’s ace. I really missed out then…

That was freaking awesome!
I didn’t get anything =( , oh well, not that it really matters! =)
I det get owned by tom50001 though, we had a duel in the wild.
Lmao, people kept attacking him.
I lost =(

nice pics…and i didn’t get anything from the drop party but i lost an addy plate (t) and a rune scimmy…oh well

i loved the party you can see my name on 3rd piture saying choo choo on bottoom part

nicwe pics. when you got to edge you you all pk?

You and me both :-(. Ah well, there’s always next time :stuck_out_tongue:

~ ewok

Lol now I’m like practically crying because I couldn’t come… Oh whatever it looked like y’all had a time that was off the HOOK! :smiley: lol


:frowning: i missed the whoel thing… ohh well… and i dont have any rsr people on my list… sadly :frowning:

ok, i think im gonna go crazy thats it im goin out to the person who works with the elctricity and im gonna flame him!(JK)any ways i missed it =(