Official RSR Drop/Pking After-Party Discussion

Post pics and talk about Blink’s Party that happened today.
(Mods if u think this is spam, plz lock it, thank you.)

i dont think its spam…though considering theres alreayd maybe 4 topics just like this sry.
But it was a fun party. im not posting any pics cus i posted em on the other topic. it was a great party though!

pk trip was so funny.that lvl 3 lol like 10 noobs piled 10 of us piled billybob.ogo was getting owned by a greater i saved himsmiles welll you cant blame ogo he is a noob.

There’s already a topic for pics and the original topic is for discussion.

That was pretty funny, i was like dang im too high to kill him
darn. I had a lot of fun at the party. The best thing that i got was rune legs which i think were dropped by Chaosnoob. I hope Blinks starts another one like that so people will show up. Too bad she didnt stay to pk. Maybe next time.

i picked up nothing =( and dropped alot.xgod chaser dont lock this topic or ill use my noob mind powers on u.

ya…i feel sorry for that lv 3…he was minding his own business until a few people came and destroyed him…oo well…