OHH, so sweet =p Girl and boy in love =p

Awesome isnt it =p i never knew runescape players held hands when i was hiding around the corner =p

totally unusal,but yet,funny lol

hehe it looks more like the 1 lessers has his claw thingy in the other 1s mouth, punchin him rofl :smiley: :lol:

haha, I never saw that.

I thought it was gross yet cool.


lol thats funny i guess they make out while every 1s gone shivers eww

lol that is funny

nasty!..what would a babe great demon look like

a teen would be a lesser demon

lol really funny

Haha… That’s pretty funny… Good job on the screen… >>… <<… Sorry, just a bit paranoid but funny screen though…

You certainhly had good timing to contribute your pictures here on RSR.

That’s pretty funny lol, i like your response.

Good one =P

Lol 10/10!!

if they do that what do they do alone ???
heres something i now think i know where lssers come from hehehe …snickers…then starts to shiver

What a chance that you would take a picture at that moment. Good job.

Thanks everyone - I saw em like that… im like… PICTURE TIME

And that is how lesser demons are born, kids. lol

lol Im glad you thought of RSR at that moment.

goood job man…nice timing

Hey,last time I saw a goblin and a sheep kissing in lumbridge.