ok here you go a new video

before you read this i did not film this lol i dont like taking credit for filming.
i dont care any more if ded takes my videos ill just post them it makes you people happy and i like to see people happy so here we go :slight_smile: .

copy and paste the link

it was damage inc vs the empire + friends

i was in the war here is my kill


Nice 8) ppl had absyll whip wid skull 8O :?

all they had to do was use protect item

lmao, i saw a drunked dwarf…lol

wow so many rune arrows on th ground and so many ppl dying with their prayer on

holy crap, there are some much arrows, thats really crazy, and ho much are warrior helms, whqat does it take to wear them , ill buy them, message me my name is the same as this, im always on world 42

dude thats a sweet videos nice whip!

not bad nice lvls on those guys

it would be funny if lke a lvl 3 was walking around and no one could attack him, adn he was taking all the rune arrows, and the BLACK DRAGONHIDE bodies laying around on the ground, and made a ton of money

that would be funny . but then where would he sell the stuff he got from the ground

Do fremminick trials and buy it at the shop fer 78k…good luck!

what i would do is go in there with like 28 sharks and use protect from melee and stuff and collect items 8)

you would die unless u made a lvl 3

lol i really think there r some ppl who live off war drops…

…if they can find a war that is…

lol i really think there r some ppl who live off war drops…

…if they can find a war that is…[/quote]

most of the low lvls are people who died in the war

wow cool video and great pk!!

seems no one likes videos any more :?

kool i wish i had clan battles like that so did u come out victorious

omg there were hundreds of rune arrows on the floor and so many rare stuff 8O

di only lost about 2 people