Ok, I am a free player, but still...

Right. First of all, there’s just a few things.
Please don’t kill me, I read the rules and this isnt about more map space or more features.

  1. Why can only members access the runescape forum and suggest things? If free players suggest things on there then they might be good ideas!
  2. Why is it that members get tech support and free don’t? I contacted the bugs part because I found a major bug in the game that my character got trapped and could not move at all. I was faces to try and kill myself by casting spells on a hobgoblin nearby so he would kill me. I lost a lot of stuff, and even by logging out it wouldn’t move my character. I contacted Jagex tech support, and I got a reply saying “At the moment, tech support is mostly for members. There are a lot of members, so not a lot of free players’ queries get seen. Become a member now for just $5 a month!”

So I ended up losing a lot of stuff.

(I also just wandered to myself… if there are so many members who pay the high price of $60 a year, and so many adverts all over the site making money, where does it all go? Surely all that can’t be all used for just keeping a network of 70 or 80 servers online. I am not being horrible to Jagex this is just a question)

Here’s some suggestions.


Alikoba is an island in the very south-west of the Runescape World.
Alikoba is populated by Dwarves, who try to maintain the coal mines there. You can get a job at the mine, and every coal rock (Not coal used in smithing) if you have 10, can fill up a mine cart. Fill up 1 cart to get 50 gold off the Alikoba mine leader, Frillig the Dwarf.

There is also a dungeon on Alikoba, featuring monsters of levels 12-50, and another dungeon featuring monsters of levels 51+. This is for low levelled and high levelled players to do.

There can be quests here too.

Note: The Dwarven miners of Alikoba are harsh rivals of those in the Dwarvern Mines north of Falador.

Note 2: This is only for members, and can be accessed I suppose from any port.

It’s just to extend the Runescape World, because I think we need something new.

Note 3: I am f2p so don’t kill me.

your story sucks…ur idea is great!

Yes… I would have to agree with ingemar100… Great Idea I’ve got to say… It would be interesting to have that sort of thing… Though it would be only for members…

well, about your story. jagex is a business. and as for most businesses, they dont help people who arent giving them anything. so if you want better service and use of the forums, the only thing you can do is become a member.
and your idea sounds great. it has great detail and sounds interesting.
sickmate 8)

Runescapes security for free players is pretty bad, I would have to agree. My main, Sir Jacob999 has now been taken over by a keylogger or something of some sort. I am a free player too, and now my account has been banquished… Good story and suggestions. :slight_smile:

The thing is, I was gonna be a member, but then my dad saw how bad they were treating non-members. You have to look after every member, and then they will actually want to be a member.

Very ingenious idea. That incident with losing all of your items because of a stupid bug gets past me. And I am appalled at why Jagex would not take care of this kind of situation right away!

I’m not a member either … cheers!

Yea, i think u have rigth rs shuld hear more on f2p players!

Yeah i’m an f2p as well and I can’t believe jagex would do that to u.How do u get sigs i’m new.

Ok, to keep up those servers, it costs around 2 grand each a month. Also, it costs like 5 grand for each new update they add in because they have to do it all. They have to pay for employees to manage the game, design new things, and to be security. They have to pay for tech support for the people that support the game by paying. There are a lot of things that go into keeping the game running. Also, don’t forget it is a business, they want to make money.

I am a f2p and I think that Jagex truly has no obligation to help frees, however, I do beleive that frees should be given tech support and access to the forums.

um f2p need more quests they should be fair somewat!
we also need more stuff come on they must be rolling in the dough on this game be a little generous give to the people that make ur game sucessful the gamers!

Heres a simple answer BE A MEMBER

Locked, he simply made a suggestion, he didnt ask to get flamed.

Also this topic is a bit old