Old RS pics

Some should already be familiar with my website.


It appears a lot of people who are new to RS have not seen it. I also see the pics themselves circulated in websites/forums. I don’t mind at all but please be aware all these pics were personally taken by me, the few that were taken by others I have acknowleged in the text. So please, if you do use anything from the site remember to link and credit my website.

It is a website of RS pics during holidays, memorable times, wars and some old pk bugs mostly from late 2001 to 2002 (the start of p2p). The majority of pics are all during beta.

Sample picture:

Sign the guestbook, please, if you visit.

I also suspect the so-called “Ultimate Runescape History Guide” on this site took information and a picture from my website without crediting it.

hmmm should i click or should i not hmmm tyhinking

looks clean as soon as my scan is done then i will know for sure

Im not clicking unless a mod says its clear :D.

s and d says clear

im like never going to click any links un;less i know the person and im not ever going to click a link from a 1 poster
so if you want my advice dont click it

true but its totally safe its all pictures of really old runescape not rs2 but rs classic pritty cool stuff i support the link 100% as safe

ps that site is hosted by poweredby bravenet.com

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looks ok to me

jst finished lookin cus i was on msn for ages lol nice accn u were top 60 fighters once!

Oh yeah i remember that old game! i called it the paper men game!

Nice pics, I love looking at pics of RSC, they’re mysterious or something to me. I love em :smiley:

your ass is gettin’ 0wnedz!!!

thats an amazing site, thanks for posting it here

cool pics- i especially like the one where your talking to paul about “P2p”


I’ll click it but if i get hacked it’s your fault :slight_smile:

no one wants your shitty account lol

FYI my site has been around since 2001, it is older than this forum and perfectly legitimate.

xD! O comone thats harsh! xD

cool site man