Omaha vs. Stalingrad

Both had their ups and downs…but if you where a soldier where would you rather be?

A conscript thrown into battle with no chance to retreat (you get shot by your own officers)…


A soldier in the first wave storming Omaha Beach…

Well neither. There, that does it.

Ok, if I had to choose, I’d rather storm the beaches and inflict as much damage as possible before I died.

I think the idea of conscription is a difficult one to swallow. On the other hand, if I am called up for duty, I would never, ever coward out.

The Aussies have a long and proud history of courage in battle: The Battle of Beer Sheba, Gallipoli, Vietnam (especially the SAS - “Ghosts of the Jungle”)…

Much prefer the americans, conscription was horrible.

I would rather storm the beach than being a conscript. But I don’t know much about this sort of thing.

I dont remember much about the topic but i would have to say that i would rather die attacking.

For those of you a little fuzzy in your history, here is a brief summary that should help jog you memory.

Omaha Beach - Normandy, France - D-Day/Operation Overlord - The Allied invasion of fortress Europe - etc.

A good movie to see is the opening few minutes of Saving Private Ryan, and even that puts it on the good side. Your in a landing craft heading toward the beaches with cold, salty spray in your face from mortar shells exploding around you. The landing craft hits bottom, the door falls open and the machine gunners at the cliffside open fire. You are the first wave of attackers, and have to run over 300 yards in open sand with only a few metal anti-landing craft spikes to cover you from the full undivided attention of the germans who are firing from a superior position in both height, firepower, and numbers. You will suffer 90% casulties in the first few minutes.

Stalingrad, Russia - “Turning point of the eastern war”

Good movie is Enemy at the Gates, a little bloody if you don’t like that stuff. The battle goes on for months it an all but destroyed ruin of the city. Fresh recruits are shipped directly into the battle before being sent off to attack in fresh waves. They are given weapons taken from the dead of yesterday’s battles. The fighting is bloody street to street combat. There is no option of retreat, no option of using your mind. You are simply told where to go, or you will be shot for disobeying orders. 10,000 men alone are officially shot by their own officers. The average lifespan of a private is 24 hours.

i’d rather die storming the beach then neother way b/c just to get one kill would meen that in some way i helped win the war and if needed died for it

For now, I think I would choose Stalingrad because the casualty rate for Omaha beach is way too high. 90% in the first few minutes? That’s insane!

Its estimated you had a 50% chance of dieing before you even jumped out of the boat.

oh yea! that beach landing…did the troops know about this 50% thing?
I know i said i would rather be attacking but now i know…and saving private ryan showed it so graphically :? i would just say i wouldnt want to be anywhere! lol…oh i dont know…yes ok…yes i would rather be storming the beach!

Yes, the officers briefed the soldiers about the statistics before the landing but after leaving the homeland. They held a concensus and decid— Wait!

Of course they didn’t know about the stats! This was world war two, 6 June 1944!

oh my god it sounds horrible :frowning: it must have been so traumatic for anyone who was there.