OMFG ****en stupid sister

lagged the shit outa me and lost 2 rune scimitars and 1 rune 2h in the wild!!! omfg!!! ****en ****er!!! im gonna kill her like that guy did to me

You say you have 4m yet your crying over 100k? Pixel hugger :slight_smile:

lol that 4mil was a while ago i have like 3mil now my cash goes away fast but im just pissed off because i could’ve koed him like 10 times

Ok well i will let you cry in peace

i already got over it now im going back to kill him

sure sure you have 4 mil i dought you would be too mad about losing 2 rune scimmys and 1 rune 2 h if you have that much money

but any ways ill leave ya too cry in peace

but i pked those =( they were my first pks

Ok and how you know this is how ???

your telling me youve never bought any new rune scimmys or rune 2 hs sence you pked those or pked any

Male Gamer Kills Sibling Over Online Game

^^Rofl. If you pked them, then you didnt buy them, so you really didnt even technically lose anything…

Stop cursing.