omfg, i just cant belive sum people

does any1 know what that is?

EDIT: i coppied this from spanky the retard

dude, the guy was screaming “nazi forever! nazi forever!”

The nazi sign? Some people take offense to that. I hate some people like that, good thing I’m not german or that guy woulda been halfway across the world by now, after a buttkicking.

omfg ur at the lvl 66 law alter too?

no, the lvl 54 law alter ???

submit that picture to jagex some how…and maybe he get banned

the exact same guy did the exact same thing at the lvl 66 alter

what lvl 66 altar? im at the 1 in entrana

world 66 i meant…

yeah, this is world 66

what a loser. Making a swastika is just sad. If i was member and could go there i would swear at him. I don’t care if i would get banned.

ya thats pretty sad

you running or crafting? im crafting

yeah sum ppl are just plain jerks. a while ago i was cuttin maples and sum dude was using ‘the N word’

i hate noobs like that…

o yeah what lvl was he?

I hope that player on the left side is Jesus Christ…

sad thing is theres like 7 mods here

tell them to get off there ass and mod. Instead of runecrafting and not even doing their job!

you guys are so flippin retarded that is not a nazi swastika, that is a japanese goodluck sign, look at how its revolving its going counter-clockwise, the nazi sign goes clock-wise

you guys are so retarded, you jump to conclusions, please get information and dont post out of ignorance

I’m sorry for getting my Japanese Good Luck signs and German Swastikas confused Pyro. It won’t happen again.