Omfg Lolz 5k posts n00bs

yes thats right, 5k posts
lol first time ive ever made 1 of those threads…i feel like a spammer
there are ppl id like to acknowledge…but theres alot so ill just say if im nice to you on this site, you would be on the list

wow gratz on 5k posts
psss…your almost at 10k…thats 5k more…

Your posts x 2 = Keysers posts!!!

almost there!!! lol congratz

Good job! Keep it up!

good job spammer :stuck_out_tongue: jk, congratz, gl for 10k :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, Nice job.

Congratz Bro…

Whisper I’ll be there in a couple weeks end whisper.

More like 2 days? ):

Lol, I’m not that good :P.

Oh? :wink: I think so.

Nah, My Mummah ownz meh :D.

Good job. I hadn`t realized you had so many posts.

He’s a top poster ;).

thx guyz, i wana try to get to like 6k in a month or so

damn, I usually don’t pay attention to posts that much, so I never realized you had so many. But grats on 5k, hope to see 6 or 7k soon :wink:

wow congratz man :smiley: