Omfg, my biggest stake!

Biggest stake cuz im stingy. Bryan, i own you :slight_smile:

Thanks to Q7dive for being ther eto talk to.

Thanks to Pkzaber for being there to annoy.

Thanks to Warcheftian99 for helping me make my first mill and then my first 2nd and 3rd :slight_smile:

Thanks to BryanLam Also for getting me into staking.

Thanks Pk Mager Af for not raping me for accidentally losing your 33M =(and for being my pk buddy too :))

Thanks to all the noobs i winned at staking and letting me let my emotions out :slight_smile:

thanks everyone at rsr exept some of the ppl who i dont like but i will not metnion names

It’s not right to blame others of your misfortune. :slight_smile: They talked you into it maybe because they want you to win money, they didn’t expect you to lose. :slight_smile: Try harder and gain it back. :smiley: Good luck.

And, don’t you start with dueling lower levelers and less money? Meh, I don’t know…

Good luck. ^ ^

It says im victorious… LAWL

nub p.p i own u

Oh, dang it, now I look like an idiot. :tongue: I thought you’ve lost. ^ ^

Good job then. :slight_smile: Lawl, deleting other post. :slight_smile:

mm…i see

I just wanted xmage to feel bad :slight_smile:

mmm maybe helly should go staking when hes lvl 100 =] And member

…don’t gloat…it’s useless…

swoot send me a sandwhich!!!

damn 2 mil stake that owns

Yeh i got scammed for 800k from a lvl 32 right after. He switched ammo off at the last moment :frowning:

ownt irl pl0x


Nice stake, thats tied with my max too!

gratz on the nice stake

wow that pwons, all the money I have in one stake haha

wow man nice!! 2 mil

wow congrats on ur great stake

cant wait to see more

although it could have been ur freind but im not gonna go there

ive been staked dragon chain lol

EDIT: this guy staked me dragon chain body and i staked dds the guy was dumn i made him quit rs after i owned him with my d 2h w00t! :flamed:

woah nice kills drools