omfg!! who gets a free 3.4m?!!!

er ownt plz!!!:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:


ownt plxsh… i might try barrows next time i get members lawl…

hey awesome man very nice

i ish very happy :smiley:
the person who told me to get kill count 20 im gunner give him 100k :cool:

Rofl send deaths pl0x =]

pur3 l337 0wn4g3 rite ther! great job!

How u get more then 6 or 7 kill counts?:drool:

none of them 2…i get 15-20

give me 100k then :wink:

You might wanna show the whole pic so people don’t think its fake like tnt toms thread. Its almost the exact same thing he did which makes it a bit unbeleivable. I believe u but some may not.

Congratulations, keep doing barrows and hopefully you will get better stuff.

Great barrows trip!!! keep that up and you be rich!

That kill count thing actually works =?

wow thats krzy good :smiley:

Buy me a whip :).

I asked How do you get more then 6 or 7 kill
counts!!! Read my whole post please!! I never said
if you got 6 or 7 kill countz!~!!:shocked:

wow good job, gl for morew good drops

You can get it up by killing, i think there are zombies and spiders and things in there you can kill to get it up.

Huge big gratz on the guthan helm :slight_smile:

whoa nice runes…
and im loving the cash $$

Goddamnit .