OMG almost got arrested =(

well i was walking from my school to another school where my sister goes to get picked up and go home when some of my friends throw a gatorade bottle at a school bus. the bus driver then comes out of the bus and then starts yelling at us and one of my friends called her a fat ass cow. then soon afterwards a bunch of police come and start talking to us then after like 30 minutes they let us go but one of my friends got arrested because he did it like 2 times before but it was kinda funny

Your friends dumb :stuck_out_tongue:

i agree… that’s not really nice… if my dad found out something like that happened to me he would kill me…

Same thing would happen to me.

dont you get that in your record or something?

no because id idnt do shit but laugh at my friend

Yes, Your friend is a idiot.

yeah thats dumb of him…gratz on not getting arrested i guess lol

Jesus, It’s like those guys doing stunts from the movie “Jackass” on the road.

meh, could have been worse…the bus driver could have had a gun =b

Get new friends. :eek:

lol ur friends like me hehe
i decked a german yesterday nice black eye nd cut nose hehe e was liek 15 im 12

Something like that happened to me…

The other day I was at my friend Brents barbeque, and we saw a bunch of middle school kids going by, so I said “Hey! lets go see who those kids are?!?!”

And my friends took me serious, so one of my friends hopped into his piece of sh*t truck and we all piled into the back (Me, my friend Brent, and my other friend Levi) and he pulls out of the driveway at 30mph, so we go down the street and brents neighbor is sitting in her front yard with her kids and she gets all pissed at us even though we were doing the speed limit… And we found out that the girls were just one of our friends younger sisters, so when we got back to brents house we found out that one of our other friends tried to jump into the back of the drives truck as it was going…

Well, The neighbor had called the cops saying that someone had been hit… Neither me or my friends had seen the kid fall out, or even hop in for that matter…, and the kid who fell out had his hand scratched up pretty bad… like his palm had a couple of huge holes where it was dragged on the pavement (not too far, but far enough…)

yeah, so the cop comes up and tells us that we could all be either put in jail or given $1,000 fines each… I was like “well fu*k that…”

So, in the end we just got stern warnings, my friend with his truck is being watched, and my friend who tried to jump into the back of the truck is still healing his hand :wink:

But the cops didnt have to be involved if my friends pot smoking neighbor hadnt called them just because she didnt know what the :censored: was going on…

ow. get new friends…

Next time, try running =p

^^ what he said…:smiley:

Well, we have a “Tim Hortons” near our school (canadian fast food store). While we were getting out we found a couple of apples in a grove across the street, they run to check it out while my and friend I are walking back. A car passes and two seconds later, stupid friends nail the car with the apples. The car pulls back at like mach 10 speed and two 18-20 years olds come out and chase them and beat up two of my friends 0.o

Dude… the other day, this kid got arrested at my school. I was like “See ya in 20 dog” lol its was pretty funny. I almost got arrested for harassin this kid cuz I said I was gonna kick his ass, and the bus driver called the cops after he told her I was going to kick his ass.

throwing the bottle isn’t bad…but it should have stopped there

me + my license = ownage, i dont ride the yellow submarines with wheels