omg! bull no!

Omfg! i just lost all my cash i have ever earned! i just got hacked! i took a break and i lost 3.8m (a whip), and atleast 300k worth rune!

What about your bank pin?

i had the stuff on me, heres my story

i went to duel arena with my whip (just got it today) and 500k worth stuff for box staking…
i went and boxed away 300k cash
i then logged out to change worlds to meet a friend… and in less than 5 minutes i lost it all i was only world switching when it was laggy… i went to log in and it said user name currently in use… i figured that it was lag from the other world then it turned around and put me next to duel arena back area (it was behind the duel arena) and i noticed my whip was gone, naturally thinking i had short term memory loss i ran to my bank and it wasnt there now all i have left is 335 lobsters… im so pissed off… omg!!!

i was about to hit the computer but i realized that its not the computers fault…

i believe that its from that damned email (sorry for the language) but the email is most likely the cause… nobdy, and i repeat NOBODY! click that link! it probobly has key loggers or viruses! omg im so mad!

dude that suaks…srry that happened to u :frown:

Dam man! That sucks! Hope you get it back! I lost my account world switching, the guy logged in and changed pass in like 30 secs!!!

man…im sorry ,that sucks
Thats y i dont use my e-mail, stupid hackers.

im so mad, and now im poor :frowning: even ask scythe, i had 3.8m atleast because i got a whip, and appareantly somone impersonated me atleast 30 mins earlier today

That’s sad to hear :frown: . Are you sure, that you didn’t accidently stake it away? Maybe you didn’t see it, a whip is a bit hard to see on a duel screen.

I hope you don’t retire and luck comes your way. Good luck ;).

that sucks dude i got hacked a month ago lost like10m can and item i was soo mad

You’re stupid enought to click the links on the emails? Its your own fault then…

~:crazy: spartan

dang that sucks

glad I dont use email lmao

It’s that darn e-mail… Anything I get from “Jagex” in the email, I’m not even gonna look at it.

Couldn’y say it better myself.

sorry buy i have to be with spookers, no pic no proof, but i do feel bad for you if actually did lose it

Wtf… How do you show a picture of an empty bank?

you want a pic fine its coming then you will see…

EDIT: here is the pic

now you know for yourself…

dam that sucks me and my friend ran nats to get a whip and we each put in around 2.2mil and then when my friend goes to buy it, the guy scams him out of it by removing it at last minute. i was pretty mad at him then but i made it back by fletching and now we have full dharok and thinking about makes me laugh kinda but losing ur whip stinks pretty hard, i know sry man

it always sucks to lose ur items… even if its just a little bit, its still sad… but atleast u got tought the hard way to always put ur stuff in ur bank before u log out… i hope u dont quit because of this =(…

dont worry bryan, but it had happened when i was world switching (that usually only takes 45 seconds) but i log in, im behind the arena (i had been browsing rs forums so keeping track of where i was had been a little confusing since i just click to move around)

Dng that sucks bet your not happy you get that email now.