OMG, can you believe this?!

I was just looking through the “urban dictionary” and looked up fr00b.
Here was what I found.

  1. fr00b
    fr00b come from the internet game runescape. It was invented when one of the game moderators , Mod Mark, and the best player of the game , Zezima, were fooling around with ways to make fun of people, thus fr00b was born!
    pmg die u h4x0r fr00b!
    Source: gbuster4, Oct 7, 2004

mmm intresting ill ask zem

Lol its true.I looked it up too…lol thats great…never knew Mod Mark would fool around…or Zezima lol

Lol…did u seriously find that? lmao. no way cus ive heard ppl on Neopets calling others fr00b a while ago. and i havent played Neopets in a long time.

Omg lmao is that seriously true?! If it is… Wow. So runescape made it to the dictionary. Who would’ve thought of that?!


Funny…never heard of it and yes I believe Jesus the Christ

zem is actually a fun person to hang out with well one of the zem atleast sometimes not

Neopets…? Lol.
You can’t even communicate with anybody on neopets unless you fake your age or something. XD

Well…and I thought fr00b was invented somewhere else.

Yea i started playing CPU games with Neopets…a LONG while back. it got so boring and i found RS and noticed how sucky NPs was…but i really dont think RuneScape came up with Fr00b…i mean thats probly been around for ages, since n00b.