omg! check out this RS ad

its a bob add telling u to protect ur password :eek:
this is new to me ne1 else?

bout 1 month old
sickmate 8)

ive seen it b4… bobs like my favorite NPC… a cat that does what ever he likes… bobs my idol… lol

Lol, where did you find that?!

its one of those add on top of u RS game while ur playing and im BOB!!! AHH lol…bob’s cool… like my siggy?

Ah! Nice! 8/10 Bob Ownz!

go on a f2p world, look at the ad.
sickmate 8)

Bob totally rocks my socks… who else here likes bob? i can tell redwraith does

Whoah, that’s cool. I have never seen that before. And your sig is aweomse, 9/10 BOB PWNS!

I am a member and therefore never see ads. But I have had a few encounters with bob. He is so cool.

hmmm…bobs my hero…i was getting chased by bobo…and bob saved my life (long story shourt…bob had a nuke…bobo go B00M!)

P.S. to many bos in my life :jester:

bob rocks :smiley:


kool i like it

BOB Kicks but!! He is so totally my idol :wink:

Go Bob! Thats well cool

lolz bob is the best :smiley: :smiley:

Lol, never seen that sig before… But i really liek your sig :wink:
Yea, “Bob rocks”

i like ur sig btw bob rocks

ohh im a member so thats new to me. thats awesome!