Omg!!!!! I got it!!!

i am so happy this is my second one

Gratz, where is that greater by the way?

thats not fare i need 1more then u i got hacked and lost 2 d meds

good job! congratz!

i am so sad that u got and i didnt

holy shiznat you are so lucky and congrats :evil:

i know another site like rsr thats good i use it alot u should post urpic ther

that’s mean

Congrats blink!
Man, I wish I could get that. 8)

what shield are you talking about¿?

Half of Dragon square.

Half of Dragon square.[/quote]
the left halves are worth 6.5 mil, the whole shield is around 7.9 - 8.2 mil (you can see me wearing one in my sig)

i didnt kno that dragon sq came in halfs! well thats another thing i learned on runescape, and my mom says this isnt educational… lol nice job!


now just need the right half

gratz on geting a part of the shield

…my head hurts

dont spam sieg

y cant i get that luck cungrats though

Where r those greaters cos i have to kill them. i was tring for lets c…um…5days and i couldnt get 1. congratz anyways.

oooooooooooo…ahhhhhhhhhhh…good work!Getting a half of dragon shield is like watching fireworks!Pop!Ooooooo!