Omg i got left shield half!

i got it from fire giants i couldnt believe it! i think i deserved it. Im finally rich i bought d legs, d med ,zammy pl8 , d hally and got like 2 mil left ( i had 2.6 already b4 i got the left half) jeeze finally! sold the left for like 4.1

nice man…

Congrats man! So how long did it take you to get it?

Congrats on the shield half!

whoa, r u lucky. the best thing i ever got from those fire giants is rune scimmy.

Congratz on getting a Left Shield Half, Man… Yeah, You really deserved it, Nice.

:wizard: ~Salmoneus~

Congrats man!!!

Whoa nice, i got d med from the a while back, felt sorry for the other people there cause i got it on my 5th kill :slight_smile:

my friend always lies about what he gets lol and he said he had one, but he didnt. good work! the best way to get em is get fire giants as a slayer task.
sickmate 8)

dam lucky son of a mother!

Congratz dude! I’m at fires right now too trying to get one because I already have right half in bank.

sorry to say but… i dont believe… i need a screen shot :stuck_out_tongue:

nice man, your really lucky :slight_smile:

where are fire giants

it was like my second day training there so maybe about 100 fire giants.

I coudln’t put it any better. Lol congratz on getting the healf, you deserved it! :smiley: Now I gotta get me one of those and get some serious $$ Lol

P.S: Fire Giants are found in the Baxtorian Falls (Well that’s the only place I know of where they are)


ty everyone they are also in karmaja but i go to the falls.

do u got a pic? just wonderin…


hey how do u get into the Falls anyways? ive done waterfall quest but it wont let me back in the door thing in the waterfall.