omg jagex is blind

omg jagex does it agian kills a perfectly good skill and looks the other dam way the freaking auters are not auting for rune ess there fliping autign for yews and shit like that this is bull they take a blind eye agian and leave us wcers too hang agian

if you dotn know what im talkign about read the runescape fourms on updates

umm, i kinda almost understand wat ur trying to say, but i can understand wat u ARE tryiung ti say. im guessing ur really P.O’ed rite now.

yes i am im mad not about the ess thing.

im mad that they will not do any thing agiast the auto wcers

they are so stupid there macro detection devises are shit nothing they cant detect the shit if they could why the hell is there 20 auto wcers siting at every wcing place in rs.

Meh, people will just have to mine their own ess, or the autoers will become P2P ^.^

I don’t know what it is about you and rune ess, but here’s a dictionary.

if you were a wood cutter you would understand that the price of runes effects your sell ratios.

and srry about spelling i type too fast.

i rarely see ess autoers. But i can be cutting yews and there’ll be like 3 autoers, so i know what you meen

Obviously your never on free to play worlds…I’ve seen hundreds of level 3’s on the same world all looking the same and never talking. Those are what you call autoers…Where do you think the mils of ess just started showing up? People never mined them (well autoers did)

i know dude i could go to wolrd 63 a f2p the least pop. world behind varrock castle and there’s about 20 of em all lvl 3 it really makes me mad.

i dont give a heck abotu ess auters its fishing wcing and mining auters i want goen mostly wcing ones

:soapbox: yeah cause the ess mininers dont really do anything to other players but the other autoers hog all the resoureces:mad: :mad: :mad: :hissyfit:

Tired of ‘autoers’ steeling your yews? Then get a higher woodcut level by power chopping!

i mean if your going to rant about this than obvisously you havent seen 20+ autoers from the same person auto mining ess.

con yow plez edit ur posts so yow dot sond lek tis