Omg Look!

I was walk around Varrock and I saw this guy with full sara and blue mask, then a couple seconds later he’s wearing full zammy and red mask, then a couple seconds later he has full guthix and green mask!

He said he full sara and someone who was quiting trade him a white p hat for his full sara.

Here is the picture for proof. Click it to make it bigger.

whats your point?

cool…but thats only like 62m

yeah only 62mill…

62m is alot…but its not amazing

What do you mean “buts only 62m”, excuse me but 62m is a way lot. Awesome god sets though, I so envy him.

ya only 62 mill how many ppl have only 62mill on rs(exeptions scythwng keyser bryanlam and a big exeption to duke freedom)

I know thats more money then ill ever own. And thats good enough for me.

nice liol i hate rich noobs


wait i thought he got it never mind …wow taht guy is rich lol…

Its alot but theres much more out there. Its pretty cool though

Provide me with proof that it is a fake, I’ve had everything (except the cash) in that pic and everything looks real.
This will most likely get locked since it is a topic about a person, in this case person’s items but its still pretty nice.

ok well i envy that guy

i hate him

Cool…I think =-\

Why did you double post…why!..OMG why did you do such a thing…sob sob…your just sick!

…no comment and even if it is fake (which I think it’s not) There is someone out there that has all that.

…you spell "that wrong, *tee *hee