OMG! Lost City

I just finished this quest. I dont know about yall but that was one freakin easy quest. I was sayin in varrok square " im bout to do lost city who wants to watch?" and everyone kept sayin “yeah right youll die instantly”. Well i went and hit the spirit a couple times with fire bolt and it went down. it took 30 seconds, literally! Gosh what a disapointment. Zanaris aint that great either. I guess its something to be proud of though. I was only lvl 54

Well, That’s Lost City Quest for you. Well, at least it was easy… Now you can buy or get Dragon Longsword.

:wizard: ~Salmoneus~

Yeah Lost City isn’t that hard… Even though I haven’t even attempted it yet… Lol now go buy yourself a Dragon Longsword! :smiley:


Every time I tried to defeat the tree spirit thing, I died because I melee fought it. Then I thought,“Why not attack it with magic?” I used magic the next time and beat it. :slight_smile:

Yes i kno but I have heard of ppl who did it by stringing a bow on the island and makeing 100 bronze arrows… a lot cheaper approach.

in my opinion Lost city was easier than Dragon slayer :stuck_out_tongue:

lost city was the esayest quest ive ever done, the only thing i dont like is that if u want to get into the building to buy the drag long u need a diamond

ohh yea…i mean who seriously carrys a cut diamond along with them? it should just cost like 50gp or free!

yeah. lol i did it about at 50 took literally 8 minutes. lmfao.

yea but it wasnt the easys quest but yea it was way to easy.

It must be easy, to use fire bolt on it…