Omg... what is jagex's problem?

I have already reported the ad and i edited the picture because you could see the womans nipple through her fishing net style shirt…

if a mod has to lock this i am sorry but i just thought ppl should know what to avoid…
the company is mate1 intimate dating

i know weird stuff they need to get rid of it lots of kids are not allowed to play is in they mig ht get more money if it goes away

Thats not right for even 13 year olds eventhough i think they see that in school a lot :slight_smile:

Those ads are always so gross. The women are always in comprimising poses. That’s why I use SwiftSwitch.

what offended me the most was that it actually showed her nipple… id seen that ad a thousand times but its just this time i noticed the dark in the background and i zoomed in and it was her nipple… i was like wtf!?!
so i reported it right away

I just use Firefox to block ads. And I’m a member.
sickmate 8)

im f2p for a bit… and i dont want to download any programs to get rid of the ads… so im stuck with the profanity

aww did u have to block it out =[… i wanted to see it =P…

Its maybe not Jagex’s fault they have those ads,its someone else who put it that knows Runescape.

nooooooo u blocked it =C

Ya the hot women in the ads get the new players psyched to play rs silly.

desperate jagex will put up any ad to get money lol. but seriously they should take down those mate1 and true ads and stuff, i my friend has a 6 year old cousin that plays.

You six year old cousins gonna be exposed to sex sometime wheather its the fourth grade or weather hes one day paying attention to the really hot babe which usually no one pays attention too but he is and he looks close enough to see a little tiny part of the female body which will probaly make no difference in his life at all.I say keep the nipple whos with me?!

Omg ppl, its just a nipple!!
Grow up and stop complaining and acting like litle kids (unless u r ones)

But if u r beeng disturbed dont just start zooming in on it and than ending up with ure face looking like this… :drool:

It would be nice if they had a nice rack to greet you for the older boys but that would never happen =(

well i have to say all this stuff seeing as i am only 13, turning 14 tomorrow… wewt!

Your almost 14 and you think a nipple should be banned?O.o wow…

well i have to say this as my parents are nosy << ^-^ >>

just because you arent offended by it doesnt mean others arent. im not really, but i know a few people that would be.

O ic u just dont zoom in on the pic I dont think many ppl will notice it if they do big deal