i fought 400 lessers without getting a rune med then i get 2 in 3 lessers

then i got another rune med about 3 minutes later right before getting mime legs and gloves

u fought 400 lessers just to get a rune med worth 10k? lol…and besides did u fight those lessers in a row? without breaks? cus then id have to say ur lying or somthing. i mean after 400 youd be so low on health and u would have a lot more than 6k by then.

Woah 400 lessers that’s a lot… especailly without one rune med… ANd then you get two meds in three lessers… Wow. Lol I haven’t gotten one yet… Nice job!


yeah thart is rather suspicious

Actually I’m thinking he fought like 400… Total, like ever lol …Because if he did fight them all at once, he must have had a whole lot of good food, or have had great combat lol.


no i fought 400 lessers in about 4 weeks then i got 3 rune meds in 8 lessers

in that run i had only fought like 12 lessers total

his combat isnt on the highscores…i looked him up cus i have swiftswitch and found it suspicous that if he fought them all in a row then wouldnt he have gotten more money? have less food and health? waiting for Jenkins to answer…

my rsn is xfourx

shortly after that i got yet another rune med


i did if you dont believe me fine but i just figured id post the truth

wow 2 rune med…wow iim in awe!!! omfg thats gotta be 20k

accually 4 look at the second pic then look at all the replys