ok, i was meeting my friend (u might now him hes sort of popular on RSR, i cant tell his name bcuz i might get in trouble) and he comes up to me says he has to do something and he’ll brb, so i wait for about 10 min. when he gets back he says ‘i had to give my friend 100k’ and i say ‘why’ he says ‘i gave it to him so he could buy ranger boots for 100k’

who in their right mind sells ranger boots for 100k unless they’re erally desparate?!?!?!

Lol, maybe the person he gave the money to already had 500k, or they just dont know their prices.

Uhh either your friend was lieing about the person with the ranger boots… Or that person who was selling the ranger boots musta been like high or something! Lol


thats just dum, sell for the regular 600k (not sure if its 600k)

oh, and once a guy dropped a robin hood at the seers bank and i almost got it :crying:

Damn holmes you almost got it… So sad you didn’t get it… Oh well… Wait a minute! What kinda IDIOT would drop a robin hood hat?!


uh mabye he had 500k and he needed another 100k 2 get the boots? yea…

Thats a good question malibubrad, but i dont think someone will answer…

LOl indeed