on behalf of zeratul

i would like to apologize my …er his actions i was trying to i mean he was trying to get a warning but he has other names as well he informed me of at yahoo (yeah right) and those actions i apologize for him :frowning: :cry: :oops:

He was a little immature but im sure if he would behave this time Duke would gladly allow him to come back. You would have to ask Duke to unban his IP or whatever its called (if that happened). Just ask Duke and make sure that your friend behaves!


plz tell him not to spam again warnings are nothing to be proud of…and to the mod whos gonna reccomend him comin back u could start him out wit 4 warnings and one more and hes banned couldnt you?

Just tell him not to spam and he’d probably be allowed to come back :twisted:

Yeah, you ever been to The forums of interodi.com? They are absurdly swarmed with spam. “Don’t spam” Really doesn’t have much of an effect on anyone who doesn’t care.

after we give Zeratul 40 lashes! tie him up to the mainmast!

are you trying to say that you are him on another name? is more than one account against the rules? and if your are him shouldn’t you be banned also since you were the one spamming?

who is he???