One day......

One day my friend said he was going out in the wilderness.He said he was walking into the lvl 40 wilderness when he saw a red dot on the map.He walked over to it and saw…IT WAS WHITE PARTY HAT! 8O .My friend picked it up and started runing to the end of the wild.But all of the sudden something hit him and did alot og damage to him.Then anouther hit him and then anouther.He finally relized he was being hit by pure archers!He tried to get away but he died before he even could rune.So gusse what that means?HE LOST THE PARTY HAT!!! :x .He was sooo mad!

first of all, i doubt this VERY much…second, whats the point in this ? Lol.

First of all it was true.And seconed of all I gusse I just felt like telling you lol

i agree with kbdkc thats very doubtful but if it was true why didnt he just use protect item?

Well actally I know this friend in real life and I know its true because hes a good fiend and wouldnt lie to me.And pluse he didnt know protect item at the time.

ok oh and two more things was he wearing anything else and did he have a skull?

No he didnt have any armor on he was just there to look around but he did attack somebody and did get a skull thats how he lost it.