One Goal Complete

Well I finally finished this part of my goal. Almost done with the next one.

congrats on 60 farming hope for the best :smiley:

congratz ice, gl lvling it more :stuck_out_tongue: I got 64 farming :stuck_out_tongue:

Great! nice 60 farming u rock:D

wow congratz :smiley:

Congratz, I still need 3 agility, 7 thieving and 11 farming levels for all stats 60+… I also have 1552 total with the stats I have now :tongue:

very nice job…barely beats my farming…

my farming lvl is 1… :smiley:

You’re a noob. :o

nice! if u wanna get 1500 total lvl get ur fishing to 75 itll take u a day or 2

Don’t hate me cause I’m good.

And if you read my private message with Nube15 in my pic, it says I want 60+ every skill. And 60+ every skill will get me 1500.

Did you purposely time it so that when you get those last stats to 60 that you would get 1500?

nice iced i like the stats

Actually it was coincidental. At first I was looking at how many levels I needed to get all skills 60+, then I was like, whoa, that will get me exactly 1500 total. So since then, I have been making sure I didn’t get any other levels. I’m really close to a few though, so it’s gonna be a little tough.

so i guess your rune craftign now iced am i right may i ask what kind of runecraftign your goign too do

Right now I am not doing anything really, but to get the levels quickly, I’m going to be doing the law team to just make laws as fast as possible.

autoer :cool:

grats man, enjoy my life for a day at law alter :wink:

gl on 1500 with all lvls 60+

Congratulations, farming is always time consuming to level up.
Good luck with the 60+ skills too :o

Grats, farming takes ages :smiley:

Good luck with 60 rcing and agility :slight_smile:

gratz with 60 farming good luck with 1500 total levels