One more pk? haha, 2 hours everyone!

Alright here we go, in two hours I am going to host a huge pk meet
Bring everyone you know, not just people from rsr, I want to be able to own people like no other
The other pk trips I had today weren’t that bad, but I died

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE FOOD!!! coughwizadrycough
I made it two hours away so just incase you need to go get food, you can.

I really want to have one, because I haven’t hosted one yet, and I hope everyone isn’t pk’ed out today

Where: World 3 Edgeville
When: 2 Hours (7 oclock eastern time)
What to bring: I would bring things you dont want to lose-monks clothes, low level armor-
Level- 30 and above sounds alright

Post here if you want to come, I will be fletching in a members world until 6:45 at which time I will be at edgeville at world 3

Come and lets get us some kills!!!

lol how insulting! know jk ill come!

I’ll be working, sorry.

See if you can beat my current RSR record of most valuable pk in an RSR associated PK Trip :wink:

is world 3 members or f2p?

i might come if i can get away from my life (not that i would on purpose) lol

can i come with my mage even though her cb is like 26 her magic is like 35

Archas- eh…maybe! lol
Dark- World 3 is f2p
Pk Mager- It would be great if you came
Swordsmann- yeah bring her if you’d like

its f2p… u should pick a less populated world 2 start though…

well what would u suggest?

Thanks for letting me come :thumbsup:
Ill p00n any stupid pure now! Muhahahahaha!!!

ill come i guess runescape is boring now just mining and smelting all day

no not 2 im not memebr! dont go to world 2 please jsut make the world always f2p never members!

start out world 15 or something…

i might come too…if i can get armor and weap…off topic: pk mager af i sell u iron ores

wow thats alot of posts in one minute!


WORLD 15 we’ll start there in 2 hours

ill come if im still on in two hours, wizardry itll be more fun than yesterdays! lol but yesterdays was cool. btw, if anyone has extra lobs,trout or salmon, i need. :smiley:

lol you have 2 hours to go fish some

I’ll be there :slight_smile:

the problem aint fishing em, its cooking em. but im selling right now and trying to work on some hw. OMG I WAS QUOTED! gasp