one question?

some kid tried to offer me a eye of newt he said it was rare he also put up monkey bones he said those were rare too? was he lying please help.

for the monkey bones…where got rare ?! go to a island called karjamya…30coins ea trip…there got so many monkeys…kill liao then got the bones alreadi…not rare at all!!

OMG! u turned down an Eye Of Newt and Monkey Bones?! are u crazy!? lol jk dude. theyre worthless, both of em.

lol, scamming n338

u can buy eye of newts in draynor village in rune shop lol

draynor doesnt have a rune shop…

and thers no rune shop in draynor theres one in port sarim thou>

srry its not in draynor its in port sarim :stuck_out_tongue: