One touch travel on for boat trips

So I’m a lob fisher and a free worlder, and I thought it would be really neat if they had an option, for the customs officers and the various ppl on the port sarin dock, where if you right clicked you could say journey on vessel. I dno if members have this option or not… but if they don’t they should suggest it because it’s annoying every time you want to journey on a vessel and you have to go through that little conversation thing. Whose with me!?

The poll + the thing are unconected

hmm…this would save some time…btw whats with the poll? it has nothing to do with topic

^^ uhhh duh? poll unconntected

ya i realize the poll has nothing to do with the suggestion but i mentioned lobs and i thought i wonder how ppl sell their lobs so i asked this just hapened to be the thread i was posting

…edit this

I agree with this it annoys me…

That is actually a very good suggestion. It is the same thing with the guards at the gate between Lumbridge and Al Kharid. It is quite annoying to have to talk to the NPC when you want to go through a gate or on a boat. Everything like that needs to be changed.

Yes, that would be useful. And with the guards to port phatmys. It would be a bit like the Shantay people and the members Karamaja dungeon.