One way to Advertise...

Is Apple taking advertising to a whole new level? (Note: Found in Western Australia - the state I live :stuck_out_tongue: and also where the flying car was)

This turned out to be an april fools joke some australian put on his blog, but then everyone started posting it… YES it is on Google Earth, but NO it is not an advertisement. Just a Ipod-shaped mine…
sickmate 8)


I should try :eek:.

That’s fun, but if Apple’s adverting that much…
Dang. They might beat P&G. They’re currently spending the most, anyway.
:spin: Kingofallpie

What state?

This confirms it, Apple will eventually take over the planet…

Haha, that is pretty funny.I wonder if they intended to do that when they made the mine.

More like microsoft. They own the rights to the apple’s hardware, as well as a lot of apple.

apples sucks, I wish they died sorry for flaming it just I got mine then it got messed up and no refund

Rofl. I wonder how long it took to find that out :smiley:

Perth, Western Australia.

Only cause they paid Apple a very nice sum of money :slight_smile:

Haha thats a cool building/mine…it would be good advertising for Appke if they did it on purpose

Wierd. I wonder what that is intended to be. Looks like a pool, or some building. I guess it’s just advertising, but I don’t know if they intended to make it look that way :yummy:. Could be a coincidence.

That’s awesome :D!

PS: Congratz on 400 posts Alias.