oooooooh lucky me!

once i had finaly made an air tiara a lvl 75 came and said wots that hat?
i said an air tiara she said i’ll buy
so i said how much so she said tan cav so then my eyes lit up and i said ok so now i got a tan cav for a air tiara good trade or what?

OMFG you’re lucky! Lol you know like anyone can make them! So you just made a little silver tiara, and traded it for something worth a whole lot! DAng!


whats tan cav?

Youre so lucky

hello??? whats a tan cav?

Very nice deal! You got something 200k for something 10 gp :stuck_out_tongue:

lucky lol :tongue-ti

What’s a tan cav?

omg nobody knows what a tan cav is!
lol, but nice trade. someone in world 2 fally was selling em for 500k and i think over 4 ppl bought em.

If you know what it is, then tell us.

A tan cav is a tan cavalier (i think thats how you spell it) IT is a members item and takes up the helmet space.

Anyways , you are very lucky…

Its…just a hat. tan cavalier. its like a hat with a feather in it…gives no statwise EXP…umm…thats it :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a treasure trail item, btw.

Omg, I’m so stupid. I knew what that was, just didnt know the name lol.

ohh lol yea…theres brown, tan, and black. didnt know how else to explain it besides a hat with a feather :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s blue too. I don’t know the exact prices, but they should be in Wayn0’s Price Guide on the main site.

WOW nice trade, thats an easy bundle of cash that you made :slight_smile:

u lucky bum!!!

awww…u lucky guy…y cant those kinds of ppl bump into me?…congrats

We all wish those kind of people would bump into us.