Opinion on merchanters

I recently decided I was going to try and make some good money in a timely fashion. I decided to try merchanting a bit and loved it! Within 9 days I had doubled my cash amount while having fun. I am gettin mixed feeling through my friends on this method and just wanted to know what you guys thought of it. Most people think it is a cheap no hassle way to make money, but they are wrong. Merchanting takes skill, patience, stubborness, knowledge, and determination. Knowing the prices of everything, working out good deals, and finding the right buyers is not simple.

Pretty tough… Im horrible at merchanting…

It’s hard cause you can’t settle for a lower price…

P.S. I need a rune axe… buying for 30k if anyone wants to sell.

I have nothing against proper merchants but I hate people who just expect a huge price on anything are the people who “think” they are but are not.

E.g When I was buying a Santa once (long time ago) This guy wanted 200k more than the price at the time and called me a noob when I gave a proper offer.

I could never be a merchant, I don’t have the patience nor the knoweledge of prices of things.

My opinion on people that do that is that they are just trying to make themselves feel bigger. I encounterned many.

I wish I knew how to merchant. That seems to be the big way to make gp nowadays.

I do it. I have a bad feeling about ripping people off though… It just is wrong. So, if in your heart you smell a bad deal, renegociate.

-=~ J.T. ~=-

You dont find many deals that horrible in members servers, prolly in f2p th.

In merchanting you don’t get bad deals, you find deals that make you a profit.

I think merchanting is one of the most boring things ever, yet i still wish i could do it well so i could make myself some money lol (im poor as a bump on a log).

Basically good for the people that wanna spend the time doing it, and whatever to anybody else lol

I didnt find it boring…I thought it was kinda fun, but at times was boring.

I have tried merchanting with god armor. At first I wasn’t trying to merchant, just trying to buy god armor cause it looks cool. =P

Anyways, first I bought full zammy with kite for 2.9 mil, then sold for 3.3 mil! Then I bought full guthix with kite for 1.15 mil and granite maul, and a full sara with kite for 3.2 mil! I sold full sara with kite for 29k iron ore, 5k coal ore, 17k rune essence, and 800k cash! Iced advised me on the trade, so thanks a bunch Iced! After trading and selling the ore and rune ess, my final trade was 4.9 mil, ring of wealth, and granite shield!

Merchanting is addictive. ~_^

Very addictive, it was hard for me to stop at 20m

I’m still trying to do it, I hope I don’t mess up! My newest deal was buying full sara no kite for 2 mil and sell for 2.45 mil. :smiley:

Your bound to make a stupid trade eventually, you jsut have to bounce back.

Well, well, well… I can finally put my two cents in to this whole merchanting topic. To those of you that think that merchants are scammers, and rip people off, I ask you, “Have you seen me ripping people off?”. Merchanting is quite addictive. You don’t have to rip people off to be a good merchant. Sure, you can do that, and make more if you rip people off, but I find that doing the “fair merchanting” is much more fulfilling, as I’m not a big fan of scamming/ripping people off.

Keyser I couldnt have said it any better

takes bow Thank you, kind sir. Now who wants to sign up for a class. JUST KIDDINg

(side note: I’m still on break from teaching the classes. It was becoming too time consuming)