Order of the Phoenix Clan Recruitment!!!!

:smiley: 8) 8) :smiley: 8) :smiley: 8) :smiley:
Requirements are below…

Combat- 45-60
if ur a mage- 35 magic+
if ur an archer- 35 ranged+
cape colors must be red, yellow, or orange
Name of clan- order of the phoenix
Warriors must use either a scimmy, long sword, or 2h and have full mith or better
Mages- monks robes with a air staff or a fire staff
Archers- hard leather with a oak bow and use at least iron arrows

this will be a non-member clan!!!
meetings will be held in the varrock sewers then training sessions will follow
main food shall be trout or other good fish 8)
first meeting is today at 8:30pm eastern time
im looking for at least 35 members it will be a great clan
so post if u r able to join
ill be in the sewers now if u need me
well… hope to c u at the meeting
pking trips and training sessions will be announced at the meeting
Please Post if u will be there I have to make a list of people who r in the clan 8) once at the meeting plz add evry1 to ur friends list and the training will begin shortly after :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

i would be interested in being in the clan. I hope that its main purpose is hatin on people in the wilderness!

there will be around 2 pking trips week to kill any1 that dares attack us :smiley: im hoping 4 many people to join so we will make a ton more money :stuck_out_tongue: with a bigger clan no person shall be able to stop us and we will be able to pk any1 8) :twisted:
plz post that you r joining!!! :!: :!: :!:
i have a bunch of pking ideas that could kill just about anything and or any1 :twisted: :twisted: but i need people to be a part of the clan so plz post

well i would like to join but i might not be at your meeting. my runescape name is dlugosz. also you might want to state the world you plan on holding this meeting in, just a sugestion. also i am combat lvl 48, magic lvl 59 and hitpoints 44. also i’m a bit short on cash so it might be some time til i can go pk-ing as i need to aquire death runes. I am a non-member and i use fire blast. I look forward to killin full rune of some fool as soon as possible!!!

oh yea thx i though i posted it be4 but its in world 30 in the sewers by the lv. 22 skeltons at 8:30pm eastern time 8) 8) in about 40 minutes from right now