Organizing Friends

I think that there should be a way to sort your friends list on RS. It’d be just the MSN where you have different categories such as “Friends” or “co-workers”. I have the problem of having too many people on my friends list, most of them people that I only traded once, so I think you should be able to organize friends into categories like “People I traded With” or “People from RSR”.

Yea, that would be cool.
There could be sections like, people in rsr, people in clan, people who are in the same city/school as i am…

Hmm… I thought that members had the option to organize their friend lists to put people in certain categories that you can create or whatever… Oh well I guess not… But yeah, I guess that would be pretty cool to have… Though all of the people on my friends lists are from RSR so I don’t really think I can split that list up into different categories…

i think there should be an opion for group talk instead of only being able to talk to one person at a time

Thats not a good idea… its a great one :lol: