our rsr pk trip yesterday

we went to black nite’s where we owned 2 ppl but they teled- then rune rocks then greaters, i got a few pk’s and at greaters we met this other group- i owned a lvl 84 and got a rune long swordies shade robe bottom. then this dude not from rsr backstabbed us and i ran and logged out, dark somehow survived his fight with this lvl 80+dude(can’t remeber his exact lvl) and dark is only lvl 67 lol i am lvl 61…
Pics- enjoy


not bad doood lol…ownage ?

Nice! …But the pictures seem a little too small to see in detail but its ok, nice job

Small pictures, but nice =)

lol nice pictures =) you forgot the one when i said twigman was gay =)

hey nice killz
and ya im in the second pic =)

the pictures r realy small i can hardly see em

i am rubbish on pics sorry guys- i screenied a second be4 u sed twigman was gai dark sorry man but that was funny lol…