Owl Land Project

This will be used to discuss the development of owl-land, according to the rules of the forum, i can-not post a link to the game; however i can send it via pm, only those who prove mature enough may join the project, those who contribute most will get heros named after themselves, everyone who contributes will have shop owners, quest npc’s and maybe boss monsters if they wished named after themselves

Step one, istallation:
afdter unziping you find yourself with a 5 files, to make it work you need to seperate them as the following image shows:

then in the folder you create called " Data " make sure its a capital " D "

you place those files in the folder

currently working on
Cave 1 - where you get to first test your battle skills, it has healing shrines and at the end theirs a boss monster, should be round level 4 when out, how you get to his cave is undecided yet, it may be teleported by a npc who gives a story and tells you to test your strength

looks neat, where can i download it (i know you had another post about it but could you post the link again). and what did you make it with? what programming language or what game maker program did u use?

i use rpg maker xp, its a japanese program, the game code itself however uses something very simmilar to Delphi coding, which is based off of C++ but specified for games, and im not allowed to post the link, i can pm it to you though

Its looks pretty good. Can you send me a copy?

heres a picture of the dungeon in development

and heres a picture of the code

To join the project you must PM me, i can not post links here

that is soooooooooo cool and awsome man 8)
send me a link to it plz :lol: