Paid to search, that actually works.

This program just opened, but has been in progress for a while. Beta testers have been picked about two weeks ago, and just got paid today, due to registration being opened to the public, instead of by invitation.

All you have to do is use the search engine on their homepage. You can currently only do 40 searches per day, and they have to be real searches, they can’t be things like ‘l;kasndg’. There is a five minute wait between each search to make sure that no one is using a cheat program to do the searches for them.

From the owner of the site this is how payment will go:

"How much do members earn for searching?

At, I will always strive to give you the best rates possible while keeping the ship afloat. The payment scheme is actually very simple and easy to understand. You will earn 2 ibux every time you complete a paid search, as well as 1 ibux whenever a referral makes a paid search. I will tabulate how many ibux have been earned, as well as how much advertisement revenue the site has produced. 90% of the revenue will produce value for the ibux, while the remaining 10% will be kept. Prior to calculating the value of the ibux, I will remove all cheaters from the system, so that your ibux are not lowered in value by the fraudulent earnings of others. This way, users are guaranteed to receive the overwhelming majority of all funds accrued by this site, yet, I will never need to fold due to running out of money once payout comes. Please visit the Payment Plan page for more detailed information."

He pays through paypal, when your balance reaches $5.00.

For top earners, (earning over $100) they can be paid through check. With a $1 charge in the US, and $2 outside of the US.

Seems pretty legit to me. I’m going to start searching now, and see if I get paid when I reach $5.00. If I do, I’ll post a screencap here.

Here’s the register link:

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It sounds pretty weird I think, I would try.

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